I’m Phil Blyghton – a 28 year-old Londoner on indefinite hiatus from I don’t know what. Two things I enjoy doing are writing and mocking puffed up famous people I don’t like: this blog mainly comprises condensed book reviews written ‘in the style of’ their celebrity author.  This is a similar concept to the brilliant ‘Digested Read’ feature written by John Crace for The Observer, but hopefully I can distinguish my reviews on the basis that they (a) are inferior and (b) rely more on sarcasm and mockery than genuine wit and writing skill.

In what may prove to be little more than a token attempt to show that I’m not just a sarcastic arsehole, I will also upload ‘straight’ reviews of films, TV, books and so on as I quite enjoy doing this too.

All comments/criticism/bullets in the post are welcome…it’s just for fun.

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